Runemagick is an underground band from Sweden. Many of our listeners labels us in the death/doom genre.
Stream/download Runemagick: Bandcamp, Spotify + many more digital platforms. We are grateful to those who support us at bandcamp or buy merchandise, LP, CD and tapes. Thanks for your support!


For rolling news and updates check our instagram @runemagickofficial or facebook @runemagick or facebook group.

The latest album "Into Desolate Realms" was released on LP, CD (High Roller Records) and MC (Nirucon Productions) in 2019.


Nicklas Rudolfsson - guitar and vocals | web: | instagram: @nirucon
Emma Rudolfsson - bass guitar | instagram: @emmagick
Daniel Moilanen - drums | instagram: @mojjoficial
Jonas Blom - guitar | instagram: @jonasblom1350


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Official merchandise: Bandcamp, Nirucon Productions, High Roller Records
Stream/download: Bandcamp, Spotify (+ many more)
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