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Darkness Death Doom since 1991

Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind

April 28, 2023
Hammerheart Records

Listen to full album @ Bandcamp, Spotify

Music and lyrics by Nicklas Rudolfsson 2019-2022.
Drums recorded at Studio Humbucker 2021. Engineered by Robert Pehrsson.
Guitars, bass, keys and vocals recorded at Abysmal Noise Studio 2021-2022.
Jonas Blom's guitar solos recorded at The Temple of Ceremonial Death 2022.
Mixed and mastered by Johan Bäckman at Raven Noise Studio 2022.
Front cover artwork by Denny Surreal Art 2022.
"Death Doom Cenotaph" illustration by Artem Astaroth 2022.
"Dragon sign" (enhanced version) by Kurakuracusing 2022.
"Necromancer" illustration by Catharina Linnéa Artworks 2021.

News & Updates

Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind - OUT NOW!

Updated: April 28, 2023

The new full album "Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind" released today via Hammerheart Records!

Stream and download: Bandcamp, Spotify
Order vinyl/CD: Napalm Records

Latest and upcoming releases

Updated: August 13, 2023

Darkness Death Doom - CD reissue, March 31 2023 (Hammerheart Records)
On Funeral Wings - CD reissue, March 31 2023 (Hammerheart Records)
Envenom - CD reissue, March 31 2023 (Hammerheart Records)
Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind - vinyl/CD, April 28 2023 (Hammerheart Records)
Moon of the Chaos Eclipse - CD reissue, 2023 (Old Shadow Records)
The Supreme Force of Eternity - vinyl reissue, May 26 2023 (Osmose Productions)
Enter the Realm of Death - vinyl reissue, May 26 2023 (Osmose Productions)
Last Skull of Humanity - vinyl/CD, November 17 2023 (Hammerheart Records)

Next full-length album? Or was "Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind" the last album? Time will tell...

For rolling news and updates check our instagram @runemagickofficial, facebook @runemagick and facebook group.


Emma & Nicklas
Daniel & Jonas

Nicklas Rudolfsson

Guitar and vocals
Instagram: @nirucon
Other bands/projects (more or less active):
Unformulas, The Funeral Orchestra

Emma Rudolfsson

Bass guitar
Instagram: @emmagick
Other bands/projects:
Ceremonial Death, The Funeral Orchestra

Daniel Moilanen

Instagram: n/a
Other bands/projects:
Katatonia + more

Jonas Blom

Lead guitar
Instagram: n/a
Other bands/projects:
Death Reich, Ceremonial Death


Runemagick L-R: Emma, Jonas, Nicklas, Daniel (Photo by Robert Höög 2019) [DOWNLOAD PHOTO]

Runemagick is a Swedish band formed (by the main composer Nicklas Rudolfsson) in the depths of obscurity, conjuring their existence from the shadows of the early 1990's. With a foundation rooted in the most profound and dark aspects of death, doom and mid tempo underground metal, they have sculpted a legacy that resonates with the mournful echoes of darkness, death and doom.

Their latest creation, "Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind" released in 2023 (Hammerheart Records), is an opus that delves further into the abyss of human existence and beyond... Through a soundscape of crushing riffs and haunting melodies, Runemagick continues their journey in mysteries of life and death...


Stream/download Runemagick: Bandcamp, Spotify
+ many more digital platforms.

Thanks for support when buying our music!


Physical full-length albums and MLP/EP

Reissues and some license releases not included (yet)

Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind (LP 2023, Hammerheart Records)
Into Desolate Realms (LP 2019, High Roller Records)
The Opening Of Dead Gates (EP 2019, High Roller Records)
Chthonicmagick (Split LP 2019, Parasitic Records)
Evoked From Abysmal Sleep (LP 2018, Aftermath Music)
Dark Dead Earth - compilation (LP 2008, Century Media Records)
Dawn Of The End (LP 2007, Aftermath Music)
The Northern Lights (Split LP 2007, Aftermath Music)
Invocation Of Magick (LP 2006, Aftermath Music)
Black Magick Sorceress (EP 2006, Aftermath Music)
Envenom (LP 2005, Aftermath Music)
On Funeral Wings (LP 2004, Aftermath Music)
Darkness Death Doom (LP 2003, Aftermath Music)
Moon Of The Chaos Eclipse (LP 2002, Aftermath Music)
Requiem Of The Apocalypse (LP 2002, Aftermath Music)
Dark Live Magick (LP 2001, Bloodstone Entertainment)
Resurrection In Blood (LP 2000, Century Media Records)
Enter The Realm Of Death (LP 1999, Century Media Records)
The Supreme Force Of Eternity (LP 1998, Century Media Records)

More discography information (more or less complete) at

Official Merchandise

Nirucon Productions
Runemagick Bandcamp
Hammerheart Records/Napalm Records
Pull The Plug Patches
High Roller Records
Aftermath Music
Ablaze Productions

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"Raven With Universe Within" illustration by Catharina Linnéa Artworks
"Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind" album artwork by Denny Surreal Art
"Into Desolate Realms" album artwork by Paolo Girardi
"Vulcano" illustration by David Nilsson
Band photo by Robert Höög Photography
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