Runemagick, band from sweden, formed in the early 90’s.
Current status: since 2005 more kind of a studio project, no rehearsals or live performances. This might change in the future…

Instagram: no official band account. Follow Nicklas: @nirucon
Related bands/projects: Heavydeath, The Funeral Orchestra, Katatonia, Necrocurse


Nicklas Rudolfsson – guitars, vocals
Emma Rudolfsson – bass
Daniel Moilanen – drums


Updated 2005

Line-up late 90's

Lineup late 90’s Nicklas, Fredrik, Jonas

Started in late 1990 with mid-tempo death/doom/black kind of metal style inspired by old death and black metal bands like Celtic Frost, Bathory, Autopsy, Hellhammer, Tiamat…
The music has developed over the years as a result of several lineup changes, many recording sessions and releases.

With the album “Darkness Death Doom” (2002) and current lineup, Runemagick finally shaped an “own style” and forged the formulas of darkness, death and doom -metallic sounds, influenced by old death/black metal roots mixed with mid/slow heavy groove and apocalyptic soundscapes.

Line-up 2003

Lineup 2003 Daniel, Emma, Nicklas

The lineup has been stable since fall of 2002 with Nicklas Rudolfsson – guitars & voice, Emma Rudolfsson – bass and Daniel Moilanen on drums.

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