New material…

Jonas & Nicklas (Photo by Soile

Many thanks to DVI – Concerts & Tours for a professional and good event yesterday at Slaktkyrkan!
Nice to meet and see Memoriam UK + the other bands.
Unfortunately we had a lot of problems with the drums breaking, damaged tuning knobs that affected the intonation etc… but shit happens. We had a great evening no matter what!

Backstage in Stockholm February 1, 2019

We have several projects planned during the year, but more information about this and that will come later.

Now we will hide for a while and work on new material…

/Nicklas, Daniel, Emma, Jonas

Enter The Realm Of Death – 20 years

The “Enter The Realm Of Death” album turns 20 this year!

The vinyl version includes the Tiamat cover “The Malicious Paradise” that did not appear on the CD version.

We will try to celebrate this album with a little more things later in the year as well. But be sure to buy the album from Imperium Productions. It is sold out from us!

Last post for 2018

First of all, a big thank you for the past year and all the support we received on our latest album “Evoked From Abysmal Sleep”! We can also reveal that, in addition to a few gigs next year, we will continue to be creatively active in 2019. Several projects are under planning. More information will come when the time comes, so to speak.

So behold the dragon star in the roots of the center of cosmos and enter the desolate realms…

Thank you all for 2018! No one mentioned, no one forgotten.
/Jonas, Daniel, Emma, Nicklas

Order “Evoked From Abysmal Sleep”:
Vinyl LP (Aftermath Music)
Vinyl LP (North American version, Parasitic Records)
CD (Aftermath Music)
MC (Flowing Downwards)
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