The Opening Of Dead Gates

Transparent orange vinyl
Black vinyl

Release date: September 27th, High Roller Records

Transparent orange vinyl, ltd in 250 – order: transparent orange vinyl
Black vinyl, ltd in 250 – order: black vinyl

Side A
A1 – The Opening Of Dead Gates *
A2 – Requiem Beyond The Stars

Side B
B1 – Wolves Of Nocturnal Light **
B2 – Ash And Silence

* EP version
** The Moon Is The Portal To Death – part II

A2, B1, B2 will be included on the CD version (not the LP) of the full album “Into Desolate Realms“. A1 will also be included but in a slightly different version.

Arrangements by Runemagick. 
Compositions, riffs, lyrics and poetry by Nicklas Rudolfsson. 
Guitar solos and melodies composed by Jonas Blom and Nicklas Rudolfsson. 
Drums recorded at Sonic Train Studio, March 2019. Engineered by Andy La Rocque. 
Guitars, bass and vocals recorded at various locations. 
Produced by Runemagick with inputs from Johan Bäckman. 
Mixed and mastered by Johan Bäckman at Raven Noise Studio, April 2019. 

Painting by Nicklas Rudolfsson.
“Raven With Universe Within” illustration by Catta Eldhexan.

Nicklas Rudolfsson – Guitar & Vocals 
Jonas Blom – Guitar 
Emma Rudolfsson – Bass 
Daniel Moilanen – Drums