Evoked From Abysmal Sleep

Release date: July 20, 2018 (North American alternate version: September)
Licensed from Runemagick/Nirucon Productions to Aftermath Music, Flowing Downwards and Parasitic Records.
Listen: Album on Bandcamp, Runes Of The Undead (extended single), A Rising Fume Of Returning Death (extended single)

Limited Gatefold LP
Aftermath Music
Limited in 100
Colored vinyl
Signed card
Order: Aftermath Music

Gatefold LP
Aftermath Music
Order: Aftermath Music

Limited LP, North American version (September 2018)
Parasitic Records
Limited in 250
Alternate layout and double sided insert
Order: Parasitic Records

Limited CD
Aftermath Music
Limited in 50
Wooden box with burn logo/title
Signed card
Pin with logo/title
Order: Aftermath Music SOLD OUT!

Digisleeve CD
Aftermath Music
Order: Aftermath Music

Limited Cassette Tape
Flowing Downwards
Limited in 150
Order: Flowing Downwards | Runemagick Bandcamp (tapes sold via Runemagick Bandcamp includes logo pin and download!)

Runemagick Bandcamp
Also available on Spotify and more digital channels.


1. After The End They Rise Again
2. Evoked From Abysmal Sleep
3. Runes Of The Undead
4. A Rising Fume Of Returning Death
5. The Mirror Of Darkness *
6. Wisdom Keepers Resurrected
7. An Anthem Of Olden Magic
8. Spirits From The Dark Shadows *
9. Tomb To Womb
10. A Shining Spirit From Beyond

* Track 5 and 8 only released on the bandcamp version

Recorded and produced by Runemagick 2018.
Mixed and mastered by Johan Bäckman.
Music and lyrics by Nicklas Rudolfsson.

Artwork “A Shining Spirit From Beyond” and “Draugr” by Catta Eldhexan.

Nicklas Rudolfsson – guitar & vocals
Emma Rudolfsson – bass
Daniel Moilanen – drums

Jonas Blom – guest guitar solo on “Evoked From Abysmal Sleep” and “Tomb To Womb”.

Special thanks to Catta Eldhexan (artwork), Johan Bäckman (mix and mastering), Mattias Reinholdsson (drum recording), Jonas Blom (guest solos), Aftermath Music, Flowing Downwards, Parasitic Records and to all our supporters/fans old and new!