Enter The Realm Of Death – Tape

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Tape + pin/button.
Tape limited in 50 copies ONLY, to celebrate ETROD 20 years for the hardcore fans.
Released by Nicklas Rudolfsson / Nirucon Productions.
100% official release licensed from Century Media Records.
Re-mastered from original mix by Johan Bäckman of Raven Noise Studio 2019.
Liner notes by Nicklas Rudolfsson.

!! The tape is expected to be sent out in mid or late of March !!
UPDATE: April/May…

Side A
Hymn Of Darkness
Enter The Realm Of Death
Longing For Hades
Dwellers Beyond Obscurity
Abyss Of Desolation
Beyond (The Horizons End…)

Side B
Dethrone The Flesh
Portal Of Doom
Dreamvoid Serpent
The Call Of Tombs
Lightworld Damnation
Dark Necroshadows
The Malicious Paradise


Pre-order here!