Evoked From Abysmal Sleep – Out Now!!

Licensed from Runemagick/Nirucon Productions to Aftermath Music, Flowing Downwards and Parasitic Records.
Listen: Album on BandcampRunes Of The Undead (extended single)A Rising Fume Of Returning Death (extended single)

Limited Gatefold LP
Aftermath Music
Limited in 100
Colored vinyl
Signed card
Order: Aftermath Music

Gatefold LP
Aftermath Music
Order: Aftermath Music

Limited LP, North American version (to be released later in 2018)
Parasitic Records
Limited in 250
Alternate layout and double sided insert
Order: Parasitic Records

Limited CD
Aftermath Music
Limited in 50
Wooden box with burn logo/title
Signed card
Pin with logo/title
Order: Aftermath Music SOLD OUT!

Digisleeve CD
Aftermath Music
Order: Aftermath Music

Limited Cassette Tape
Flowing Downwards
Limited in 150
Order: Flowing Downwards | Runemagick Bandcamp (tapes sold via Runemagick Bandcamp includes logo pin and download!)

Runemagick Bandcamp
Also available on Spotify and other streaming services.